How Much Should Video Production Cost?

In todays topic we discuss how much professional video production should cost. 

First off we must define what is professional video production. Pro video production is a creative or specialist in the area of video whom is crafting some kind of visual for your product or service. This isn't just your uncle who knows his way around a camcorder, this is an individual or team of individuals whom do this for a living and have made this their craft.  

What sets professional video production apart from others or just shooting with a phone? 

The simple answer is QUALITY.  Lets take an example of you going to your favourite restaurant, you order your favourite dish and its incredible! Even if you have all the ingredients and try to make the same meal at home it won't ever taste the same or be of the same quality, the reason? 

It is the craftsman, the chef in this case behind it. With his years of experience, they are skilled at doing things in that one area extremely well. This is the same with video production.  Myself, I have been studying and creating art, using video as my medium for the past 8 years.  When I work on a project for a client, I bring with me the years of experience I have accumulated in video production. This gives things that "film" or "professional look" so many strive to replicate with phones, yet always fall short on. 

As for what you should be charged for video production, well it doesn't cost that much! Check out this video below for what you should be paying for your individual or small business video production project.