It all started when...

The four awards on the outer edges are from the Monaco International Film Festival 2014. The short documentary "The Owen Hart Foundation: A Look Back" that 528 Evenings Media played a part in creating won four awards, they are as follows: Best Short Documentary Film, Best Film Editing Short Documentary (presented directly to Wes Beiko of 528 Evenings), Best Short Documentary Director and The Humanitarian Angel Film Award.

Next the plaque in the bottom centre of the image was presented to Wes Beiko and his partner Shayla Breen for placing first in the inaugural Zooom Student Film Festival for their short film titled "My Community".

Lastly the award in the top centre of the image was presented to Wes Beiko by Mr. Ashid Bahl of the For The Love Of Children's Society of Alberta (FLOCS). During the 2015 Nepal earthquakes Wes Beiko volunteered and worked diligently with FLOCS to help produce a series of videos for their annual gala outlining what happened to the families under their care in Nepal. As an effect of the various videos being produced donations for their foundation poured in, because of this Wes was presented with an award for (by proxy) helping thousands of children and their families around the world.